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Vision News from the week of July 2 / 2004
Rockland District High School honours deserving students
Bourget native: OPP Constable Kim Franklin recognized for heroism
Boudria re-elected, Lalonde talks about moral victory
Candidates already preparing for next election (French language)
Rockland youth center robbed

Vision News from the week of June 25 / 2004
Rural communities to get high-speed Internet
Constant Bernard local "Canadian Idol" contestant
Ottawa Citizen pans Boudria, endorses Lalonde

Vision News from the week of June 18 / 2004
Recreation and Cultural Centre update
Fountain project raises questions
Promotion de la vie sans fumée
Prescott-Russell looking for more tourists
Constant Bernard - Un résidant de Rockland à Canadian Idol
Clarence-Rockland housing: 1000 units projected

Vision News from the week of June 11/ 2004
Grand Meritas at RDHS - Tessandra Wendzich honoured
Complexe récréatif et culturel - un partenariat à trois?
St. Francis Xavier records album with Bobby Lalonde

Vision News: Past stories of interest
Austin “Ted” Nunan - Rockland loses “outstanding volunteer”
Municipal tax bill increases by 3 per cent
Burning grass is dangerous and illegal
Derek Roy to hold 1st Annual Charity Golf Tournament - Aug. 13
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Rockland District High School
honours deserving students

Jean-François D’Aoust - Rockland

A great number of students were recognized last week during the Rockland District High School (RDHS) Graduation. Matthew Heney distinguished himself by taking home some of the biggest awards.

Matthew Heney received the Governor General’s Academic Medal, which is awarded to the student who graduates with the highest standing in the school.

The Rockland District High School Student Council Award was also given to him. The trophy and bursary recognize excellence in Grade 12 by a student enrolled in University and/or College Level Courses.

By having displayed excellence in a minimum of two Grade 12 Mathematics Courses combined with a commitment to extra- curricular activities, Matthew Heney received the Royal Bank award.

He also got a Honour Roll Certificate of Merit, which is awarded to a
graduate who has obtained an average of 80 % or greater on all credits taken during the school year. In recognition of academic excellence, the Glengarry Farmers’ Mutual Fire Insurance Company and Glen Fine Foods award a bursary to be distributed among deserving students.

The other students on Honour Roll are Jason Bergeron, Michael Carriere, Katharine Epps, Eric Kapcala, Christine Nelson, Sheena-Marie Norton, Samantha Piquette, Christina Shaver, Amanda St. Denis and Ashley White.

Matthew Heney also received an Ontario Scholar Certificate for earning an average of 80 % in any six courses of the following types: Ontario Academic Courses or Grade 12 University Preparation, University/College Preparation, College Preperation, Workplace Preparation, or Open Courses. Other Ontario Scholar Certificate recipients are Jason Bergeron, Michael Carriere, Katharine Epps, Sheena-Marie Norton, Samantha Piquette, Christina Shaver, Amanda St. Denis and Ashley White.

The school offered proficiency awards to students obtaining first,
second or third place standings with marks of at least 75 % in the
subject taught at the Grade 12 level. Matthew Heney, Samantha Piquette and Ashley White received crested clocks for getting more than 15 points. The first highest standing in a course received five points, the second received three points and the third received one.

The Ontario Principals’ Council Award, offered to a student who
demonstrates leadership qualities in academic and extra-curricular
activities, was awarded to Tessandra Wendzich.

She also received the Robert “Bob” Hartley Student Scholarship of
$1,000, which is given to a student with good scholastic results and
work skills who has registered at a post-secondary institution and who has also shown commitment and active participation in daily school activities, extra curricular activities and the community.

Tessandra Wendzich also received a profiency award plaque stating she got between five and nine points.

Sheena-Marie Norton was awarded the $2,500 Serge Payer Foundation bursary. She has maintened an average of at least 80 % during the school year and has demonstrated leadership and potential in sports and in the community.

The Lieutenant Governor’s Community Volunteer Award, recognizing
exemplary volunteer and paying tribute to a student who goes above and beyond the number of volunteer hours required to graduate, was awarded to Angela Edwards.

Katharine Epps and Eric Kapcala both received a bursary for the St.
Andrew’s United Church for having demonstrated good citizenship,
planning to pursue post-secondary studies in College or University, and achieving an average grade of 65 % or greater for the last semester of the graduating year.

Katharine Epps was also awarded the Upper Canada District School Board Drivers’ Education Award, which is a trophy and bursary to recognize excellence in Grade 12 by a student enrolled in College Level Courses.

Elisabeth Fox received the Upper Canada District School Board Cultural Award, which is offered to a student who made a significant contribution to the cultural life of the school.

For earning the highest average in a minimum of three Business Courses and planning to pursue post-secondary studies in business, Brenna Sauvé was awarded the Alix Power plaque and bursary.

Justin Sanipelli-Sistek received the Autoparts Extra bursary recognizing excellence in practical work in Transportation Technology.

The Transportation Construction trophy and bursary were given to William Stewart. This Transportation Construction teachers award is offered to a student with a mark of 80 % or greater who will pursue studies in a post secondary technology program in a trade or to a student who’s involved in or will be involved in an apprenticeship program.

Ashley White was offered the Dr. Denise Moison and Dr. Eric Lavergne bursary for having displayed excellence in a minimum of two Grade 12 Sciences Courses combined with a commitment to extra-curricular activities and community involvement.

The Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation District 26 offered a bursary to a student demonstrating academic excellence and peer leadership and who is pursuing a career in education. The bursary was awarded to Amanda St. Denis.

Alyssa Pitcher received a portfolio, trophy and bursary from the RDHS Teaching Staff. The award is offered in recognition of excellence to a deserving graduating student attending a post-secondary institution in the fall of 2004.

Daniel Belair, Amanda St. Denis, Matthew Heney, Tessandra Wendzich and Ciccika Lingjo Tang all received Extended French Certificates.
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Bourget native: OPP Constable Kim Franklin recognized for heroism

Jean-François D’Aoust - Bourget

Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) Pickle Lake Constable Kim Franklin, from Bourget, has been recognized for his heroism. He received the Commissioner’s Citation for Lifesaving in
recognition of the efforts he made to save the life of a man who had
capsized his boat in May.

The story out of Pickle Lake... more...

The 32-year-old Bourget native and his partner had received a call to
rescue a man floating in cold water, holding a lifejacket, 30 metres
from the shore. Grabbing a floating skidoo vest and jumping in a 16-foot rowing boat, Mr. Franklin paddled his way to the fallen man with only one oar.

“I kept encouraging him because he was telling me he couldn’t hold on anymore. It was hard because I couldn’t go faster and I was seeing him go under water for two or three seconds every once in a while. My heart stopped at every time he went beneath the surface. I continued to encourage him until I reached him,” Mr. Franklin said.

The Pickle Lake constable finally reached the man. But the 6’4, 250-lb man was hard to pull into the boat. After trying to pull him in, Mr. Franklin tried to fasten the man to the boat but without success.

“Then I saw him going under water. I pulled him from under water by the hair, then I held him and finally took him in the boat. It felt like an
eternity, but I had done it,” the constable explained.

He paddled back to shore where paramedics attended the boater who was treated for hypothermia.

“I only thought about one thing, getting him out of the water. I gave
all I had, said Mr. Franklin, who was part of the fire department in
Bourget. I was exhausted, no energy left, but I was happy that we got
the man out of the water. It makes you realize how precious life is.”

It was the first time Mr. Franklin was in a situation to save a life.
“The training really helped. When it happened, I remembered everything I had learned.”

The Bourget native was surprised when he received the Comm- issioner’s Citation for Lifesaving, one of the highest awards in the OPP.

“I was only doing my work, I never thought about recognition. Even when I got the letter, I didn’t realize how big it was until the other
officers told me about it.”

“Everybody would have done the same thing, it’s in the human nature to do that,” Mr. Franklin said.

Mr. Franklin is finishing his two-year term at Pickle Lakewhich is
located 600 kilometers north of Thunder Bay and has already signed up for another term in the northern region.
(Read what the Sioux Lookout Bulletin had to say... More...)
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Pickle Lake hero recognized for bravery
Michael Pelham - Staff Writer

(June 16, 2004)OPP Pickle Lake Constable Kim Franklin can remember the sinking feeling every time he saw the stranded boater go beneath the surface of the water.

Today, the officer who was recognized for saving the life of a man who had capsized his boat says modestly that he was just doing his job. He recalled that the ice had just gone out and the water was still deadly cold. He was called to the scene of a capsized boat 30 metres from the shore. About 20 feet from the boat was the man crying for help.

“Before I rescued the guy, I’d say about every ten seconds he’d go under the water, and I’d just try to encourage him to stay up,” Franklin recounted of the incident in Pickle Lake. “Every time he went back down my heart just stopped.”

Franklin grabbed a skidoo suit and the only boat available – a 16 foot aluminium boat – and paddled out using only one oar. After struggling to get the drowning victim into the boat, he handed the man a rope and tried unsuccessfully to tow him to shore. It took a second attempt to pull the man on board, which almost capsized Franklin’s boat, before finally succeeding to pull him to safety. He took the hypothermic man to shore where paramedics attended to the man.

“It’s something that’s expected of us to do,” Franklin, who’s been an officer for two years, says about the event. “It’s something anyone would have done.”

From Bourget, a 30 minute drive east of Ottawa, Franklin is serving a two year term at Pickle Lake and said he’s already signed up for a second two year term because he is enjoying the position.
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Boudria re-elected, Lalonde talks about moral victory

Jean-François D’Aoust - St. Isidore

Liberal incumbent Don Boudria was re-elected for a sixth consecutive mandate Monday, as he defeated toughest rival, Conservative Alain Lalonde, by approximately 5,000 votes in the riding of Glengarry-Prescott-Russell.

“This is the victory I will savour the most,” said MP Don Boudria in front of nearly 100 supporters at the St. Isidore Recreation Centre.
“The only thing more exciting than an election is the birth of a grandson,” said Mr. Boudria who became grandfather again a few days before election day.

The results of 198 of the 200 polls in the riding placed Don Boudria
first with 23,298 votes (47,54%), Alain Lalonde second with 18,337
(37,42%), New Democratic Party’s (NDP) Martin Cauvier third with 4,166 (8,5%), Green Party’s Roy Fjarlie fourth with 2,749 (5,61%) and Christian Heritage Party’s Tim Bloedow fifth with 459 (0,94%).

“The style of campaigning we had was something I never had lived before. I hope for any candidate that it is never seen again,” said Mr. Boudria regarding attacks on his electoral signs, graffitis on his electoral headquarters and volunteers receiving threats.

Mr. Boudria partly explained the setback in his advance compared to past elections by the choice of the Conservatives. “It’s closer because in the previous elections, their candidate was not bilingual.”

He also added that the Conservatives’ national ambiguity on bilinguism probably helped him. “They were hard to follow on the subject. People in the riding are not tolerant with a lack of clarity on this issue.”

Mr. Boudria thanked all his opponents in the campaign. “I want to
recognize and congratulate all the people who participated and I exclude no one. I would like to thank them for their contribution to the
democratic process.”

Alain Lalonde hopeful with results
Conservative candidate Alain Lalonde is happy with the results, even
though he lost. “When you get the editorial support of the three daily
newspapers, which are the Ottawa Citizen, the Ottawa Sun and Le Droit, it is a personal victory,” said Mr. Lalonde. "He added that the electors of Glengarry-Prescott-Russell sent a clear message to Mr. Boudria.

“He didn’t win by 22,000 votes. It’s the first time in 20 years that the
electors really had a choice to make and I respect that choice. We had pretty good results considering the short time our party had to get
ready. We put the Conservatives on the map in Glengarry-Prescott-Russell.”

“It’s a great moral victory, added Mr. Lalonde. The simple fact that we were able to bring back to the debate, real issues that touch the
community, is a victory in itself and everyone is a winner because of

NDP candidate Martin Cauvier is very satisfied with the results. “I’ve
almost tripled the total the NDP had here last time. It’s satisfying to
see when you know that I’ve only done three weeks of campaigning and the party didn’t help me in the riding,” said Mr. Cauvier.

Mr. Cauvier was also happy for Don Boudria. “I know I’ve had votes and the Conservative candidate had votes that were from Liberal electors. Mr. Boudria got a slap in the face but he’s smart and he will learn from that. When the dust settles down, the Conservatives won’t be in the image for long,” added Mr. Cauvier.

The NDP candidate was disappointed by the results of his party at the national level. “Jack Layton frustrated a lot of NDP members by not sticking to the social-democrat platform. His message didn’t pass
through and his leadership is in jeopardy.”
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Candidates already preparing for next election

Jean-François D’Aoust - Saint-Isidore
(Note: this story available only in French)

Les candidats se préparent déjà pour retourner en élection

Quelques minutes après sa réélection dans Glengarry- Prescott-Russell, Don Boudria était déjà prêt à retourner au travail.

«Le choix des électeurs s’est fait sur les idées et le bilan de travail.
Après demain (mercredi dernier), on rouvre les bureaux de
circonscription et on va défendre un à un les électeurs de
Glengarry-Prescott-Russell», a lancé Don Boudria devant près de 100 supporteurs au Centre récréatif de Saint Isidore, lundi soir.
Le député libéral a affirmé qu’il serait prêt lors de la prochaine
élection. «Je serai là dans deux, trois ou quatre ans, tout dépendant
comment fonctionnera le gouvernement minoritaire. Je vais continuer de travailler car la prochaine élection arrive à grands pas», a affirmé M. Boudria.

Il a confié qu’il serait intéressant de voir comment son gouvernement
allait se comporter. «Il y a différentes formules, comme la coalition,
les ententes entre les partis ou tout simplement rien du tout. Les trois
options ont marché», a-t-il expliqué.

«Ça pourrait duré plus longtemps car avec le NPD c’est moins dangereux mais il est difficile de prédire en politique».

De son côté, le candidat conservateur défait, Alain Lalonde, prédit de
nouvelles élections dans un avenir assez rapproché. «Je garde mes pancartes et je vais les reprendre d’ici 18 mois, quand il
devrait y avoir de nouvelles élections», a affirmé M. Lalonde.

« Dans la région, nous allons bientôt analyser les résultats secteur par
secteur afin de savoir où nous avons été forts et où nous l’avons été
moins. Ça va aussi nous donner le temps de se faire connaître au Québec et de leur offrir une nouvelle option», a-t-il expliqué. Je m’engage à ce que le Parti conservateur de Glengarry-Prescott Russell soit actif jusqu’aux prochaines élections, avec une vision forte et des solutionsconcrètes.»

De son côté, le néo-démocrate Martin Cauvier croit que le gouvernement de Paul Martin ne durera pas 15 mois. «Le NPD ne pourra pas aider les Libéraux car je sais fort bien que cinq députés ne suivront pas la ligne de parti lors des votes. Je suis réaliste quand même. S’il y a élections dans trois mois, nous sommes cuits. Mais d’ici 15 mois, si nous pouvons nous trouver une bonne locomotive à la tête du parti, une figure connue pour nous mener, nous serions en bonne position», a expliqué M. Cauvier.

Le candidat néo-démocrate entend se représenter dans la circonscription. «Certains ont dit que j’avais été parachuté dans la région, mais c’est faux. J’aime la circonscription et je compte m’y installer bientôt.»

Présent à Saint-Isidore, le député provincial de Glengarry- Prescott-Russell, Jean-Marc Lalonde, n’a pas été surpris de la
victoire de Don Boudria.

«J’ai toujours soupçonné que les sondages étaient faux. Je suis surpris
d’après ce qu’on voyait dans les nouvelles, mais de longue date, je ne
suis pas surpris. Plus ça allait, plus Stephen Harper se ‘calait’
lui-même», a indiqué M. Lalonde en ajoutant que «Don Boudria et moi allons continuer à travailler ensemble dans plusieurs dossiers.»
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Rockland youth center robbed

The Ontario Provincial Police Russell County Detachment have charged a Rockland man after he robbed a youth working at the local youth center on Du Parc Avenue just after 6:00 PM on Saturday the 26th of June.

The accused had been hanging around the center all day asking for money. He then approached the 18-year-old female victim and forced his way to the cash register taking a small amount of cash from the till. Some local youth ran to get help from a male in the vicinity who escorted the culprit out of the center. He was located a short time later by police and arrested. The victim was not injured in the altercation.

Charged with Robbery with Theft is Jonathan Tremblay of Rockland. He is currently being held in custody pending a bail hearing in L’Orignal.
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Rural communities to get high-speed Internet

Eastern Ontario gets high-speed Internet from Bell

Bell Canada and the Communities of Eastern Ontario Network (CEONET) announced last week that the Connect Ontario Broadband Regional Access (COBRA) project to build the broadband infrastructure for public building in Prescott-Russell and Stormont, Dundas and Glengarry will be completed by 2005. CEONET will partner with Bell Canada on this $2.6 million project.

The project to build the broadband infrastructure to deliver high- speed Internet access to public institutions in the region is scheduled to begin this fall. As a partner in this project, Bell Canada will
contribute $1.4 million in funding and the Government of Ontario will
contribute $1.2 million in matching funds.

Areas where public institutions and residents will benefit from
deployment of high-speed Internet service include Alfred, Bourget,
Clarence Creek, Curran, Embrun, Fournier, Limoges, Plantagenet, Russell, St. Albert and St. Isidore. The other municipalities are Bainsville, Chute-à-Blondeau, Crysler, Lancaster, Martintown, South Mountain, St. Eugène, Summerstown, Vankleek Hill and Williamstown.

“We are delighted to partner with CEONET and the Government of Ontario to bring high-speed Internet services directly to this region of Eastern Ontario,” said Executive Vice President of Bell Canada Terry Mosey.

“Public institutions will be able to serve their customers more
effectively and area residents now have access to key learning and
business tools in their own community. Broadband is an enable of
economic and social development, and can be a powerful educational tool.

Young entrepreneurs have new opportunities in business and tourism, as well as access to public services from education to health care,” he

“With this partnership, COBRA is contributing to future community and economic activity in this part of Eastern Ontario, said CEONET Executive Director Brenda Wilson. Public institutions, local residents and small businesses will benefit from this initiative by Bell Canada and the provincial government to support the broadband needs of rural communities.”

“I am delighted to represent the Government of Ontario in this important initiative to provide funds towards building broadband infrastructure, said Glengarry-Prescott-Russell MPP Jean-Marc Lalonde. CEONET has worked hard to make this happen with Bell Canada. Implementing reliable high-speed Internet access will go a long way in giving rural Ontario that competitive edge.”
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Constant Bernard local "Canadian Idol" contestant

Canadian Idol is gathering strength in Clarence-Rockland
A committee has been put together with it's number one priority being to help Constant become a member of the "Top 10" contestants for the title of "Canadian Idol".

In order to realize its objective, the committee would like to inform the population of Prescott-Russell on the importance of voting by telephone as often as possible for Constant Bernard after Canadian Idol on CTV June 30 at 8 p.m. The voting will take place after the show from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Phone calls are free and unlimited.

Many local businesses, Soucy Ford, SonXplus (Mario Audio), André Hamon Assurance, ACCENT (Meuble Lalonde) and Clarence- Rockland Town Hall have kindly accepted to offer their telephone lines to allow the committee to organize a telephone blitz on the evening of June 30.

Prescott-Russell businesses with multiple telephone lines willing to
participate in a telephone blitz during the evening of June 30 and
individuals interested in making telephone calls during the blitz are asked to communicate with a member of the committee.

Constant's success is a wonderful opportunity for the people of our region to show our pride towards this talented Rockland resident and an excellent occasion to promote our region nationally. The committee is looking for representatives from different municipalities to coordinate these efforts. Everyone is welcome!!!!

Soucy Ford, SonXplus (Mario Audio) and Alain Potvin Construction are sponsoring the efforts of Constant Bernard. Location Action has provided the committee with billboards to be installed at different areas in Prescott-Russell.

People interested in watching Canadian Idol on a big screen are invited at Soucy Ford at 8 p.m. June 30 and can sign a registry book congratulating Constant on June 26 & 27 at the same location.

Constant Bernard will leave Rockland for Toronto Wednesday, June 23 and will be there until July 1st in order to prepare for the June 30 show.

Media interested in speaking with Constant are asked to contact him at (613) 446-4396 before June 23, 2004.

Individuals and business owners wishing to help Constant in his efforts to become the next Canadian Idol are invited to telephone Hélène Lalonde (613)446-5759, Helen Jennings (613)446-6464 or Chantal Harrigan (613)673-2639. (French version below.)
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Ottawa Citizen pans Boudria, endorses Lalonde

Glengarry-Prescott-Russell - Boudria's run should end
The Ottawa Citizen
June 24, 2004

(The Thursday, June 24 issue of the Ottawa Citizen endorsed Glengarry-Prescott-Russell candidate Alain Lalonde. Will it make a difference? Check in on Election night. For more local election links, click here.)

Former prime minister Jean Chretien has had no fiercer defender than Don Boudria, who has been the MP for this riding since 1984. But now that Mr. Chretien is several months into his retirement, it's time Mr. Boudria joined him.

As the Liberal house leader, he was the prime minister's right-hand man in Parliament. Even as he passed notes to Mr. Chretien to help the former prime minister respond to criticism of the "billion-dollar boondoggle" at HRDC, many of his constituents said they still supported him completely as their MP.

When the sponsorship scandal first broke, Mr. Chretien assigned Mr. Boudria to clean up the mess as minister of Public Works. To his credit, Mr. Boudria called in the auditor general to investigate, but to his shame, he was soon forced to give up his portfolio when it was revealed he spent a ski weekend at the home of one of the central figures in the sponsorship scandal.

Since Mr. Chretien's retirement, Mr. Boudria has seemed a spent force. Prime Minister Paul Martin didn't bother calling to tell him he wasn't in the new cabinet last December. His claim to be a happy warrior for Team Martin rings hollow and there's little chance he'd find a place in cabinet if the Liberals win on Monday night.

In 1981, Mr. Boudria won a seat in the Ontario legislature because the provincial Conservatives were tired out, their fabled machine rickety after nearly 40 years in power. Today, the forces are reversed and Mr. Boudria's Conservative opponent is ready to capitalize.

Alain Lalonde knows the riding as well as anyone. He is a former reeve of Plantagenet and warden of Prescott-Russell, and a one-time chief of staff to Noble Villeneuve, the provincial Tories' agriculture minister from 1997 to 1999.

He's a forceful advocate for the Conservative platform, condemning the long-gun registry, the Liberals' slow and tortuous response to the mad-cow crisis and their waste and mishandling of public money. He's an old-school conservative, a fiscal hawk with a common touch.

As an MP, Mr. Lalonde would be an excellent antidote to suspicions about the Conservatives' intentions on official bilingualism. Glengarry-Pres-cott-Russell is one of the most francophone ridings outside Quebec; if the Conservatives form a government, Mr. La-londe would be a forceful advocate in caucus (and very possibly in cabinet) for francophone interests.

The Green candidate, Roy Fjarlie, is affable, but doesn't bring much to the table. He's an organic farmer, not at all politically minded, and it's difficult to imagine him pushing anything at all onto the Parliament Hill agenda.

The New Democrats' candidate, Martin Cauvier, who was a late entry to the campaign, appears to be little more than a token candidate keeping the party's banner aloft in the battle between the two main parties.

Mr. Boudria has represented his neighbours vigorously for nearly three decades, but longevity in office isn't a good reason to vote for someone. Clearly, he's running hard to be re-elected, but it's time for new representation. Mr. Lalonde deserves the chance to provide it.
(For more local election links, click here.)
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Recreation and Cultural Centre update

Recreation and Cultural Centre update - Mayor likes Committee’s recommendations
Jean-François D’Aoust - Rockland

Clarence-Rockland Mayor Richard Lalonde likes the recommend- ations of the Recreation and Cultural Centre Finance Committee and is eager to discuss them at Council.

“The recommendations are very good and will be examined closely, said Mayor Richard Lalonde. It’s extremely important that we look at all possible ways to build the centre because we could apply for grants in different parts of the centre.”

The mayor said it would cost over eight million dollars to build
everything according to an estimate. “We’ll have to see if we save money by constructing it at one time or by steps.”

Mr. Lalonde added that the City needs such a centre because it is
missing on a lot of opportunities like conventions and meetings.

As for the recommendation of moving the public library in the centre and joining it with a school library, the mayor said “options will be looked at, to see if we can save money. The public library’s administration will be consulted for sure.”

The Recreation and Cultural Centre Finance Committee recommended last week in its report that “the City of Clarence- Rockland should actively explore a three party partnership” and continue discussions with the National Capital Region YMCA and the Conseil scolaire de district catholique de l’Est ontarien (the French Catholic School Board).

The committee also recommended that all components of the centre should be developped simultaneously. It asked to look at the opportunity to include a fitness centre and child care facilities.
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Fountain project raises questions

Not all residents are happy about the fountain being erected at the
Clarence Rockland Town Hall.

The municipality received many complaints from residents in the past
week regarding the project. The callers feel the City is wasting tax
payers money. They say the money should be invested where it is needed, mainly road improvement.

Clarence-Rockland Mayor Richard Lalonde reminds residents that the City is not footing the bill for the new landmark on the Town Hall grounds.

The embellishment project is the work of Sports Action 96. The non
profit group will cover the cost of the project through fundraising

Since 1996, Sport Action collected more than $400,000 in the community through different fundraising activities: teen dances, Nevada tickets, draws, and donations from various groups. The projects completed by Sport Action include the light system at L’Escale Park, the benches on Laurier Street and various locations throughout the City, the walkway at the Rockland Cenotaph, and the renovation of the Chamberland Centre (former La Bastille building) in Simon Park.

This year, the municipality accepted the idea of Sport Action to revamp the Town Hall grounds by adding a fountain and flower beds. The group will also extend the the interlock walkway and add a few benches and lighting at Simon Park.

The two projects are estimated between $40,000 and $50,000. As with previous projects, the City of Clarence-Rockland is backing Sport Action by co-signing the loan. The group expects to repay the loan in less than four years through fundraising activities.

The lanscaping contract was awarded to François Filion. The group
expects the work to be finished in time for the Canada Day
Celebrations in Simon Park.
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Promotion de la vie sans fumée

Un ado de Rockland créera un groupe anti-fumée en Angleterre
Jean-François D’Aoust - Rockland

Un adolescent de 17 ans de Rockland se rendra en Angleterre en juillet afin d’offrir une conférence à un groupe de jeunes qui formeront un comité anti fumée.

Jason Boivin ira à York, en Angleterre, le 21 juillet prochain,
accompagné de quatre autres jeunes Ontariens du comité Youth Tabacco Coalition (YTC) afin de créer un groupe similaire chez les Anglais. L’élève de 11e année de l’école secondaire L’Escale de Rockland a déjà donné des conférences similaires à Casselman, Smiths Falls et Toronto.

«C’est vraiment important car c’est une cause qui touche tout le
monde», a expliqué Jason Boivin.

Il entend revenir de son séjour en Angleterre avec un sentiment

«Je veux revenir avec la satisfaction que les gens ont compris et de leur avoir expliquer c’est quoi le YTC pour nous.»

Choisi l’an dernier pour participer à un projet contre le tabagisme par
ses professeurs qui voyaient en lui un exemple d’un jeune non-fumeur et sportif, il a continué à s’engager dans la cause.

En 2003, le comité anti-tabac de l’école avait érigé un kiosque
d’information lors de la journée champêtre et avait organisé une
pétition en faveur d’un règlement anti-fumée qui avait été remise aux
membres du Conseil municipal de Clarence-Rockland.

Bien que le règlement municipal est en vigueur depuis le 1er juin, Jason Boivin veut continuer son travail. «Le règlement n’empêche pas les jeunes de commencer à fumer. Ce que je veux c’est éduquer sur le sujet pour que les jeunes ne commencent pas à fumer en leur montrant comment ça nuit à la santé».

Le comité YTC travaille présentement à la création d’un cédérom, qui
expliquera ce qu’est le comité, les activités effectuées et les façons
de créer des conférences sur le sujet.

Le projet, qui se déroule à Toronto, auquel l’élève de Rockland a participé devrait être terminé pour l’an prochain. Les écoles recevront des copies, en anglais ou en français, qui seront des outils pour les professeurs et les orienteurs.

Pour l’instant, Jason Boivin est à la recherche de dons pour lui
permettre de s’envoler vers l’Angleterre. Le Bureau de santé de l’est de l’Ontario défraie les coûts d’hébergement et de nourriture du jeune
homme, cependant le prix du billet d’avion demeure assez élevé. Les
personnes et commerces intéressés à appuyer Jason Boivin dans son projet peuvent le faire en communiquant avec lui au 446-4895.
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Prescott-Russell looking for more tourists

Lower Ottawa Valley wants to be discovered
Jean-François D’Aoust - Casselman

The Chambre économique de l’Ontario (CEO) unveiled its new touristic image for the Lower Ottawa Valley with great enthusiasm last Friday in Casselman.

The project of promoting the region as a tourism destination which
officially started in 2003 reached a high point with the launch of a
tourism guide and map of the area, entitled “Relax... or not!”.

The idea of the project dates back to 2001.

The first step was to choose a “touristic” name for the region that
would be identifiable to the Prescott-Russell area. Lower Ottawa Valley, first identified by the tourism operators in 1993, was chosen even though the French translation (Vallée du bas de l’Outaouais) might create confusion with some Québec areas.

“It’s obvious that it makes you think about Québec, because it’s French. We’re keeping the name and we’ll re-evaluate at then end of the season,” said CEO President Linda Savard.

United Counties President and Hawkesbury Mayor Jacques Hétu suggested “Ontarian Ottawa Valley” (Vallée ontarienne de l’Outaouais) to better identify the region to Ontario. “I doubt that people will identify the name to the region. I just made a suggestion so people could know we’re talking about Eastern Ontario,” he said.

The tourism development project will publish and distribute more than
50,000 guides and 75,000 maps, especially aimed at the Montréal area. They will also be available in the tourism info desks of Eastern

“Our clientèle is Québec, our immediate neighbour, said Mr. Hétu. It’s very important to take advantage of this and give more importance to our region.”

The President of the Prescott-Russell Tourism Association Monique Levert said the project is very important.

“We want to bring tourism to our region to help the economical
development. It’s like a locomotive who finally started, we’re not
stopping now,” said Mrs. Levert.

Ontario Minister of Culture and Minister responsible for the
Francophoone affairs Madeleine Meilleur said the guide is a helpful and needed tool.

“The promotion of Prescott-Russell is very important. Our neighbours in Montréal don’t know what is offered here. Even I learned a lot by
reading the guide, said Mrs. Meilleur. We know that what happened with the SARS, that our tourism economy is fragile. Our implication in the project is one of the efforts we’re making to promote tourism, but not only in the big cities like Toronto and Ottawa.”

Glengarry-Prescott-Russell MP Don Boudria is encouraging the promotion of the region. “The Lower Ottawa Valley Regional Tourism Development project will motivate tourists to visit the many attractions and destinations in the agricultural and tourism sectors, he said. We only have to think of the festivals and the recreation trail”.
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Constant Bernard
Un résidant de Rockland à Canadian Idol

Constant Bernard, de Rockland, pourrait bien devenir le prochain
Canadian Idol. Il est du groupe de 32 finalistes choisis la semaine

L’étudiant en théâtre à l’Université d’Ottawa a été l’un des 155
candidats à concourir devant les juges de la populaire émission
«Canadian Idol» et il a été choisi comme l’un des 32 finalistes. Près de 10 000 personnes ont auditionné pour une place parmi les 155 candidats.

Constant Bernard, âgé de 20 ans, reviendra devant les juges lors de
l’émission du 30 juin à 20h sur les ondes de CTV et espérera se tailler une place dans le top 10. Sept autres candidats tenteront de faire de même lors de l’émission du 30 juin.

Immédiatement après l’émission, le public est invité à voter pour le
candidat de son choix et les deux participants ayant reçu le plus de
votes passeront à l’étape suivante.

Les résultats seront dévoilés le lendemain, soit le 1er juillet. Les votes sont gratuits et illimités.

L’an dernier, le chanteur a percé le top 100. Sur le fait de se
retrouver parmi les 32 finalistes, il a déclaré que «c’est une
récompense de savoir que ta famille et tes amis ne sont pas les seuls
qui pensent que tu peux chanter.»

Un comité visant la promotion de la candidature de Constant Bernard
s’est formé afin de s’assurer que celui-ci devienne le prochain «Idol».

Les gens qui désirent faire partie du groupe et les individus ou
commerçants intéressés à commanditer Constant Bernard sont invités à téléphoner à Hélène Lalonde au 446-5759, Marielle Wolfe au 446-4614 ou Chantal Harrigan au 673-2639. (English above.)
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Clarence-Rockland housing: 1000 units projected

More than 1,000 housing units projected - Residential development going at full speed in Clarence-Rockland
Jean-François D’Aoust - Rockland

The residential development projects continue to pop up everywhere in the City of Clarence-Rockland.

Looking at the 118 housing units nearly completed in the east of
Rockland or the 488 units to be built at the former Deschamps Farm near Caron Street, Clarence-Rockland is growing fast.

More than a dozen of projects have been approved by the Municipal
Council. More than 1,000 new housing units are being built or planned to be built this year or early next year in Rockland alone.

These projects include houses and apartments. According to the statistic used in the planning department, this would bring approximately 3,000 new people to the City.

Among the projects, there is a 32-condo development in the west part of Rockland, a 40-unit development near Heritage Drive and a 50-plus housing unit development near the future Canadian Tire store, north of Road 17. There’s also a 16-unit project near Ramage Road in Clarence Point.

“It’s huge for the City. It’s very good to attract more businesses. With
more people, we’ll attract more businesses and it will help our
commerical tax revenue,” said Clarence-Rockland Mayor Richard Lalonde.

The residential development creates an increase in the demand for
commercial lots which will lead the City to expand its commercial zone and develop another one in Bourget.

“We have to find other areas for our businesses because if we don’t, we will be limited in our development,” said Mr. Lalonde. “We also want to develop a commercial area in the south-east part of the
City, which is Bourget. The residential development will certainly help
us with that.”

The rural sector of Clarence-Rockland will also get its share of the
residential development.

A 11-housing unit project north of Lemery Street in Bourget is approved while a 40-unit project south of the street is in the drafting process.

A 23-unit project alongside Drouin Road is also waiting for approval in Cheney. Other projects in Bourget, Cheney and Hammond are being talked about. They could bring 50 housing units in the area.

The main difference between the development in the urban and the rural area is the size of the lots. This is due to the fact that the rural
sector has only the water service and no sewers. According to strict
environmental norms, a lot must be big enough to fit two septic fields.

The lots in the new Bourget development are 3,035 square meters and those in the future Cheney development are 2,725 square meters, compared to 465 square meters, the minimum area for a lot in Rockland.

This means a unit on a 456 square meter lot could fit 6.5 times and 5.9 times in the two developments in Bourget and Cheney respectively.
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Grand Meritas at RDHS - Tessandra Wendzich honoure

Jean-François D’Aoust - Rockland

Seventeen-year-old Tessandra Wendzich is not only graduating from
Rockland District High School (RDHS), she’s also following her sister Cassandra’s path as she was awarded the Grand Meritas that her sister won five years ago.

Tessandra Wendzich received last week the Grand Meritas, awarded to the student who has excelled in academics, sports and social & community involvement.

The Student Council President, Graduation Committee Secretary and Sports Council’s Activity Coordinator is very proud of this recognition.

“It’s amazing, a great feeling. My sister got it five years ago, that
must be quite rare. It’s a great accomplishment. I can’t describe how I feel into words,” she said emotionally.

The Clarence Creek teen didn’t think she was going to follow her
sister’s footsteps when she started at RDHS. “I felt as I owed it to the
school and to myself (to get involved). I’m happy to do it. I always
have to do something and it’s great to see you’re helping others.”

Nicknamed Casper since the award ceremony because teacher Jeff Swanson wanted the students to guess the winner during his speech but didn’t want to use the “he or she” formula, Tessandra Wendzich said her teacher’s speech was “one of the most memorable moments” of her high school.

She says one of her greatest accomplishments is she got the school to do a new mural, which should be installed before Summer.

The Grade 12 student was also on the school’s Varsity Girls Rugby team, Senior Girls Basketball team, Senior Girls Volleyball team and the Track and Field team.

As Sports Council’s Activity Coordinator she organized this year’s
Grind, a 16-hour overnight sports event to raise money for new sports equipment.

She says the school almost became her home. “I’m always here before and after school for sports practices, events organization and meetings. Teachers were telling me ‘Go home’, they joked a lot about that.”

Tessandra Wendzich is also involved in the community as a Girl Guide Jr Leader for the 2nd Rockland Guides. She’s also a member of the Guides Senior Branch Unit and has been a soccer referee for four years in the Rockland United Soccer Club.

Also, along with Eric Kapcala, she was named valedictorian for this
year’s graduation.

Other Meritas
RDHS also honoured students in academics, sports and social & community involvement categories.

The Senior Social & Community Meritas was awarded to Samantha Coelho while Megan Dobson took the Junior prize. The Social & Community Meritas rewards students involved in clubs and committees and who are judged to have exceptional leadership skills.

The Sports Meritas were given to Samantha Piquette (Senior Female
Athlete), Nathan Furney (Senior Male Athlete), Nicole Mraz (Junior
Female Athlete) and Philip Gordon (Junior Male Athlete). The Sports
Meritas are awarded to students who have played at least three sports and have shown leadership skills.

The Academic Meritas, given to the students with the best overall grade average, were taken by Maddie Waddell (Senior) and Monica Paquet (Junior).
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Complexe récréatif et culturel - Le Comité de financement suggère un partenariat à trois

Jean-François D’Aoust - Clarence Creek

Le Comité de financement du futur complexe récréatif et culturel suggère au Conseil municipal de Clarence-Rockland de continuer les discussions avec le YMCA de la région de la Capitale nationale et le Conseil scolaire de district catholique de l’Est ontarien (CSDCEO).

«Les discussions à date ainsi que les expériences d’ailleurs démontrent des avantages significatifs associés à des partenariats tripartites», a souligné le président du Comité de financement, Guy Félio, dans son rapport.

Le Comité recommande aussi que tous les éléments du complexe soient développés simultanément plutôt que par phases comme il l’était suggéré auparavant.

«Afin de rencontrer les intérêts et les besoins grandissants de la
communauté, il y a des avantages financiers (coûts de production et
opérationnels) à développer le projet du complexe en une phase.
L’organisation du projet par phase n’est pas avantageuse pour le YMCA ou le CSDCEO et pourrait miner les opportunités d’un partenariat réussi», a-t-il ajouté.

Le Comité souhaite de plus qu’une salle de conditionnement physique et un service de garderie soient inclus dans le projet. Le Comité veut
aussi que la Cité explore la possibilité d’installer une bibliothèque
publique et scolaire à l’intérieur du complexe, tout en consultant le
conseil d’administration et le personnel de la bibliothèque actuelle.

«Un centre de conditionnement physique et une garderie peuvent être
offertes de façon rentable par un partenariat avec le YMCA. Ces
installations seront vraisemblablement des sources de revenus qui
pourront contribuer aux coûts opérationnels de sorte à rehausser la
rentabilité du projet», est-il écrit dans le rapport.

Pour la bibliothèque, on note que cette option est survenue lorsqu’il a
été apporté à l’attention du Comité que la municipalité aurait besoin
éventuellement des espaces utilisés par la bibliothèque en ce moment.

Le Comité croit qu’une installation commune serait un intérêt auprès des autorités scolaires. Le Comité de financement recommande donc une mise à jour des coûts de construction et opérationnels afin de refléter le partenariat avec le YMCA et le CSDCEO ainsi que les nouvelles installations qui pourraient être ajoutées.

Le Comité demande à la Cité de Clarence-Rockland de continuer d’explorer les sources de financement disponible pour la construction du complexe, tant des secteurs public, privé et gouvernemental comme Infrastructures et Patrimoine Canada.

Trois membres du Conseil municipal n’étaient pas présents à la réunion pour diverses raisons personnelles. Le président d’assemblée, Ronald Lalonde, a donc indiqué que les membres du Conseil allaient se pencher sur le dossier prochainement.
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St. Francis Xavier records album with Bobby Lalonde - Pro-recorded CD to cap off an exceptional year

Jean-François D’Aoust - Hammond

St. Francis Xavier Catholic High School had a great year in the musical front and the school is making sure the talent will not be forgotten. To do so, musician and music producer Bobby Lalonde was brought in to record songs to create a CD for the Hammond school.

“It’s the most succesful year ever,” said music teacher Stephen
Paskiewicz, who has been at the school for eight years. “The addition of a second music teacher, Sean McInnis, helped greatly. We wanted to keep it in memory forever.”

Musician Bobby Lalonde, who was a member of Swing and Garolou, was asked to record and produced the 70-minute album.

“They have a very good band. I was pleasantly surprised by their talent, they’re really hot! They’re doing pieces that are of university caliber and they are in high school. It’s not every year that you can have such a good band,” said Bobby Lalonde.

Mr. Lalonde, who owns the Bolab Studio in Fournier, recorded digitally the songs performed in the school cafeteria. The recording will be transfered in the Fournier studio where Mr. Lalonde will do the editing, mixing and mastering for the final CD.

Bobby Lalonde had just great words for the St. Francis Xavier musicians.

“Superb! Their pitch is great and so is their timing. The number of
pieces they play and succeed in doing it great,” added Mr. Lalonde.

Approximately 80 students from grades 10 to 12 will be heard on the CD in one of the four groups.: The Senior Concert Band (75 students), Jazz Band (30 students), Vocal Class (30 students) and Wind Ensemble (30 students), most students appear in more than one group.

The CD caps off a great year for the St. Francis Xavier Music Program.

In early May, 70 music students toured New York City where they attended the Broadway show “Wicked”, the off-Broadway show “Blue Man Group” and a performance of Leonard Bernstein’s “Candide” at the Lincoln Centre.

The Jazz Band was invited to performed at the National Trustee
Convention in Cornwall in the beginning of the month.

The Senior Concert Band toured a lot this year. They performed at the Advent Concert, St. Jude’s, Mother Theresa, St. Patrick’s and Pope John Paul elementary schools as well as in the International Tulip Festival and a community fundraising concert in Sarsfield.

The Wind Ensemble received a silver medal at level 500 at the Capital Region Music Festival. Five members of the band have been accepted to the University of Ottawa and Cambrian College to continue their musical studies next year.

The Wind Ensemble also had band exchanges with North Dundas High School and St. Peter’s High School.

The Vocal Class worked on a very difficult five-part arrangement of O Canada and a medley of tunes from Andrew Lloyd Webber musicals, among others. The Vocal Class performed in Sarsfield and at the Tulip Festival as well.

The St. Francis Xavier Music department teamed up with the drama, art and tech departments to stage the school’s first ever musical, Grease, at the end of May.

The 70-minute album will be available in September. It will be sold $10 per copy. For advance purchase, call Joanne Béda-Tansey at 487-3765.
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Vision News: Past stories of interest

Austin “Ted” Nunan - Rockland loses “outstanding volunteer”

Rockland lost a great volunteer recently when Austin “Ted” Nunan passed away in hospital at age 73.

Founder of the Rockland Help Centre in 1992, along with Joe Bockstael and Jean Vachon, Ted was a dedidated volunteer for the Help Centre and other community groups.

“A very devoted man who did a lot, especially for the people in need, said Yvon Huppé of the Rockland Help Centre. He was always there to help people.”

He met Mr. Nunan through the Help Centre when he joined the organization in 1993. “If there was someone in need, people went to him and there were results. We can also thank him for his efforts to revive the annual ‘Guignolée’ which has been working very well ever since,” Mr. Huppé added.

Ted Nunan was a life-member of the Lions Club. He was one of the founding members of the Rockland club 22 years ago. The Lions Club saluted his work by implementing the “Ted Nunan Award” which recognizes the “citizen of the year for outstanding community
service”. in Rockland. Mr. Nunan was the first recipient in 1999.

“It’s a great loss for everybody. He was always helping people. I remember him coming late to the Club meetings because he had to stop to help people,” said Lions Club president Chris Martel. His funeral service was held on Saturday, May 15th, at the Most Holy
Trinity Church of Rockland at 11 a.m.

Ted was the first Rockland Lions' "Citizen-of-the-year". The annual award was named after him. The “Ted Nunan Award” award was presented to Canaan Road's Morlen Reynolds, seen here on July 1, 2003, conversing with Ted. (Photo - Patrick Meikle)
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Clarence-Rockland budget adopted
Municipal tax bill increases by 3 per cent

Clarence-Rockland taxpayers face a three per cent tax increase this year even though the average property assessment has gone up by 22 per cent in the region.

"We didn't want to raise the tax rate, but with the additional costs that we have, I think three per cent is a reasonable increase," explained Clarence Rockland Mayor Richard Lalonde, proud of the work accomplished in the last few months.

In order to cap the raise at three per cent, the elected officials first reduced the municipal tax rate to obtain the same revenue as last year.

The municipal administration then increased the rate by three per cent to cover the additional expenses.

The 2004 budget stands at $13,792,966, $181,700 higher than last year. The municipality will receive $6,247,836 from the taxpayers, a $361,196 increase compared to last year's budget.

The home owner of a property valued at $141,593 (average) will pay $799,04 comparatively to $775,76 last year. These numbers do not include the part paid to the United Counties of Prescott and Russell. The regional government anticipates a tax rate increase of 1.7 per cent.

Among the major expense items, the insurance premium has increased by $100,000. The budget also foresees a three per cent salary raise which was given to the unionized employees.

The municipality will spend $300,000 more for the maintenance of the water system to respond to the Ministry of Environment requirements.

Capital expenses For the capital expenses, the city will spend $1,281,000 in road projects. The municipality has decided to borrow approximately $1 million to cover the expenses.

The list of projects includes Raymond Street ($190,000), Baseline Road, from Caron Road to Bouvier Road ($225,000), Heritage Street ($50,000), the extension of Patricia Street from St. Jacques Street to St. Jean Street ($25,000), the sidewalks on Laurier Street in front of the Burger King and the Jardins Belle Rive seniors residence ($20,000), Lemay Street ($138,590), Gilles Street ($72,414), Vinette Road ($124,176), Du Lac Road from Henri Road to Duquette Road ($67,410), Montée Outaouais ($67,410) and Giroux Street ($20,000). The city also put $150,000 for the ditches.

An elevator will be installed at the Clarence Creek Arena. The cost of the project is $260,000. The city also put $150,000 for the development of the Du Moulin Park and $35,000 to install play structures at Richelieu Grande Rivière Park in Rockland.
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Burning grass is dangerous and illegal

Jean-François D'Aoust - Rockland

The Fire Department of the City of Clarence-Rockland wishes to remind the population that burning grass is dangerous and illegal.

Three grass fires in three days have the Clarence-Rockland Fire Department working on emergencies that could be avoided.

"Sometimes it's people in cars throwing cigarette butts through the window, other times it's residents burning grass on their property and it gets out of hand," said Fire Department Deputy Chief Benoît Rollin.

The Deputy Chief says it's not uncommon to see residents in rural sectors burn grass so the newer grass can grow faster.

The soil is fairly wet, but the grass on the surface is dry and it can burn quickly especially when it's windy," added Mr. Rollin.

According to the City's by-law, a resident could pay for the fees of the displacement of the fire trucks and firefighters. A grass fire quickly put out costs approximatively $2,000 to the City.

The Fire Department faces approximately 20 grass fires each spring, most of which could be avoided, according to the Department.

Mr. Rollin advises residents to get information at the City before starting fires and to respect others.

"The smoke can bother neighbours and vehicles when it goes near roads. It can be dangerous. If we are responding to a grass fire call in the middle of a field and we get another call, we can have a lot of problems.The access of some fields is difficult with the firetrucks.

Residents need to have a permit to have open fires. Permits are given by the municipality and cost $10 for the whole year. For more information or to know if you need a permit, call the By-Law Department of the City of Clarence-Rockland at 446-6022.

The Fire Department of Clarence-Rockland counts approximately 60 volunteer firefighters.
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Derek Roy to hold 1st Annual Charity Golf Tournament - August 13

Buffalo Sabres’ Derek Roy will hold his 1st Annual Charity Golf Tournament on August 13th at the Hammond Golf and Country Club. Vision Clarence Creek Proceeds from the tournament will benefit the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO).

“CHEO is committed in making a difference in the lives of children and youth and I feel fortunate to be able to help, said Derek Roy. Everyone in this region is touched in some way by CHEO and it holds a special place in everyone’s heart.”

“In the light of Derek’s recent success and achievements, this tournament is an excellent way for members of our community to come together, celebrate his accomplishments and help youth in need,” said tournament organizer, Kyle Cyr.

Foursomes looking to register are asked to contact François Faucon at 487-2989.
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